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Registration Open
for 2024-2025!

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“Legacy Kids has given my children a place where they can be 100% themselves in a fun environment. The program focuses totally on them and what they need.”

What is Legacy Kids?

Legacy Kids is a child development program designed to accomplish two key goals:

  1. Increase the senses of connection, capability, and autonomy among children

  2. Support the knowledge and skill development of parents.

The program begins in September and concludes in mid-April. Children participate in weekly small-group (approximately 4 children) classes and parents have access to as-needed parent coaching and educational resources. 

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Kids in Preschool

What would my child do in Legacy Kids?

Children love coming to Legacy Kids! In our weekly classes, your child will participate in fun activities intended to develop their senses of connection, capability, and autonomy. The activities are designed to match the developmental stage of the class and the needs of the individual children participating. 

Do parents attend Legacy Kids?

Parents are the key to a meaningful experience in Legacy Kids! Parents are welcome to come and observe classes at any time. We ask parents to join and participate in class twice a semester. In addition to the classes they attend, parents will have the opportunity to participate in parent coaching!

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Doing Homework

What is parent coaching?

Parent coaching is all about helping you reach your family goals. In parent coaching, parents are able to work toward whatever is most important to them. Common areas of focus for parent coaching include:

  • Communicating with children

  • Setting boundaries

  • Preventing sibling rivalries

  • Establishing family routines 

  • And much more!

As part of Legacy Kids, parents have access to this as-needed parent coaching for the duration of the program. 

Is Legacy Kids the same thing as therapy?

This is an important question! While there may be a similar overarching goal to Legacy Kids and approaches like Play Therapy (e.g. support the well-being of children), there is a key distinction between these services. Therapy/Counseling is intended to treat mental and emotional disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.) while Legacy Kids is designed to support your child's "senses for development" and provide parent coaching (see the questions above). Both services have tremendous value and your situation determines which is a better fit. Schedule a FREE discovery visit to learn more and see if Legacy Kids is the right fit for your family.

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Is Legacy Kids a good fit for children with special needs?

Everyone involved with the design and delivery of Legacy Kids has had personal and professional experiences interacting with children that have special needs. These children are precious to us and we have designed Legacy Kids so that children of all abilities can participate. Importantly, Legacy Kids has been designed as a flexible curriculum that "meets the child where they are at". We also value what these children have to offer their classmates. If you would like to learn more about Legacy Kids and see if it would be a good fit for your child, please schedule a FREE discovery visit.

How much does Legacy Kids cost?

Legacy Kids begins in September and ends in April. Our "year" in Legacy Kids is broken down into two semesters (Fall and Spring). The cost to participate in Legacy Kids is $800 with a $25 registration fee. The program cost for any additional children you register is $600 (see the cost breakdown below). The registration and program fees go toward the following:

  • 26 small-group classes (1 hour each)

  • Legacy Kids journal

  • Class materials

  • Legacy Kids t-shirt 

  • As-needed parent coaching for the duration of the program (September through April)

  • Access to online resources

  • End of year celebration 

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*Parents have the option to pay this cost up-front, by semester, or by month. To find the cost per semester, simply take the program cost and divide by 2. To find the cost per month, simply take the program cost and divide by 8. For example, a parent that has enrolled two children into Legacy Kids has the option to pay $1,400 up front, $700 each semester, or $175 per month.

**Paid at the time of registration.

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Registration Open for 2024 - 2025!

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