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Week 15 Theme: The Truth About Bad Moods

Instead of a chapter in our book, we have a little activity to help your children get ready for Legacy Kids this week.

First, ask your child to describe what it means to be in a "bad mood". Feel free to guide them in this conversation and help them to understand what it means to be in a "bad mood".

Next, support your child as they create a list of everything they feel can lead to them being in a "bad mood". For example, they may mention things like "being hungry" or "having to stop a fun activity". 

Encourage your child to bring their list with them to Legacy Kids. We will use this list as we discuss the "Truth About Bad Moods". This conversation will go hand-in-hand with our discussion last week on "Cognitive Flexibility". Our goal is to help the kids so they don't get "stuck" in bad moods and provide them with the tools to more confidently process their emotions.

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